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Qadri Shattari
Mausoleum of Wali Baba at Kondhali Maharashtra

Qadri Shattari Sufi order is the branch of Shattari Sufi order observed in South Asia headed by Sayyad Mushtaque Husain Ali Mast Qadri Shattari. The spiritual Chain of this Tarika is a transmission (‘’silsila’’)  transfer from Hazrat Muhammad  (peace be upon him) through Imam Ali including Hazrat Bayazid Bastami Rahmatullah alaih (753-845 CE). The Shattari order is so a branch of the Tayfoori Khan wada. Shaykh Sirajuddin Abdullah Shattar  (wisal. 1406 CE), heir of  Shaykh Shahāb ad-Dīn Suharwardy (Founder of Suharwardi Silsila) established the Silsila. (Full article...)

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Sufism in Kashmir can be recognized by its richest Sufi tradition in the whole Indian subcontinent known as the land of Sufi saints or Pir Vaer/Rishi Vaer. the Naqshbandi and Kubrawiyya Silsila are the earliest Sufi order in Kashmir valley. the other Sufi orders include Qadri, Suhrawardy and Rishi order. According to European Foundation of South Asian Studies. The people of Kashmir,  converted to Islam due to the calmness  of noble Sufis. despite of the religious differences between the Hindu Kashmiri pandits and Muslim Mullahs, the Sufism in Kashmir offer them an acceptable  path of understanding the life through peace, love and harmony which led to accept  Sufism in the valley.(Full article...) 

Sufism in Kashmir
Dargah Hazratbal during Eid e Miladunnabi

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