Mushir Husain Kidwai

Mushir Husain Kidwai (1878-1937), was an Indian Sunni Muslim politician, lawyer and Sufi Shaykh from Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. He was the disciple of Haji Waris Ali Shah, the founder Sufi Saint of Warsi order (Silsila) of Indian subcontinent.


Mushir Husain Kidwai was the joint secretary of Anjuman e Islam London, a branch of Pan Islamic Society. He was the active participant of Khilafat movement and one of the founder member of Anjuman e Khuddam e Qaba. Most Peoples regard him as Ghadarite because of his participation to Gadar movement.
Book Islam and Socialism by Mushir Husain Kidwai


Mr. Barnet Douchet a French botanist developed a rose of yellow colour and named it Kidwai rose in honor of Mushir Husain Kidwai. He was the author of book Islam and socialism,Taalim e Niswan and Nama e Musheer. Author mentioned in his book Inside India, Mushir Husain Kidwai was not belonging to any political party. He supported the Hindus in non-cooperation movement.


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