Fazl e Haq Khairabadi

Fazl e Haq Khairabadi (1792-1861) better recognized as "Allama Fazl e Haq Khairabadi" was the Sunni Sufi Muslim scholar, poet, mufti and preacher remembered in history for assigning Fatwa e Kufr to Ismail Dehelvi for his misconceptions on Imkaan e Kizb (God 's ability to lie). Ismail Dehlvi was the founder of Wahhabism/Deobandism in Indian subcontinent. Khairabadi was the active participant of 1857 rebel and have signed the proclamation of "Holy War" against the British Government along with Maulvi Sadruddin Azurdah. 

Early Life

He was born in 1797 A.D (1212 Hijri) in Khairabad in a highly scholastic atmosphere. His father Fazal Imam Khairabadi was also a reputed scholar abd Philosopher of his time. His genealogical tree trace its roots to Hazrat Umar Faruq e Azam رضي الله عنه. His notable teachers include Shah Abdul Azeez Muhaddis e Dehlvi.

Religious Life

He was seen as very pious, deeply religious Muslim personality and regarded as Mujaddid of his time. His students mentioned that "he was Tahajjud-Guzar buzurg and use to complete one Quran e Majeed in a week.

He had announced fatwa of Jihad against the British government in the native mosque of Delhi, where thousands of Ulma e Ahlesunnat supported him in this fatwa. Many Ulemas choose martyrdom instead to follow the cruel British government.

Literary works

  • Tarikh e Fitna e Hind

  • Assauratul Hindia

  • Aqaid e Fitna e Hind

  • Intenaul Nazeer

  • Hashiya e Ufukil Mubeen

  • Hashiya e Talkhis e Shifa

  • Tahqeequl Ajsam

  • Tahqeequl kulli at tabai

  • Hadiya e Saeediya

  • Tahqeeq Ul Fatwa Fe Abtal It Taghwa


Conforming to his great grandson Javed Akhtar, Imam Khairabadi was the close friend and contemporary of Mirza Ghalib and had authored many books yet preserved at the University of Chicago’s library and many other diverse works of Khairabadi become the part of Egypt's syllabus.

Mazar of Fazl e Haq Khairabadi

Fazl e Haq Khairabadi
Mazar Mubarak of Allama Fazl e Haq Khairabadi in Andaman Island 

Mazar Mubarak of Hazrat Allama Fazl e Haq Khairabadi is located in Andaman Island. It is marked by various cultural activities on its annual "Urs" celebration on 12th Safar which is attended by both by his Hindu and Muslim follower equally. It runs under the Andaman and Nicobar Island Waqf board. "Mazar" is the symbol of communal harmony.


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