Jilani Sarkar

Jilani Sarkar or Jilani Baba Gadchiroli is a living Sunni, Muslim, Sufi Saint and ascetic from Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. He received an honorific " Sayyed Ahmed Jilani" by his followers 

Jilani Sarkar
Jilani Sarkar

Hazrat Baba Sharaf Uddin Saharwardi R.A, of Pahadi Shareef (Dargah is in Hyderabad Telangana) is regarded as the Pir of Jilani Sarkar.

Arrival in Gadchiroli

After doing Riyazat in the forests near Gadchiroli, he first enter into the home of Bandu Madavi around 1996, there he lived around 5 to 6 days; Then he moved to the house of Iqbal Ahmed (which is now converted into Baba's Khanqah and it is the present destination of Baba).

Life and Miracles

Saint was born as Habeeb Mohsin probably near Hyderabad, India. Sources claimed that he had meditated several years in the forest before settling in his present location in Gadchiroli. Saint is equally respected both by his Hindu and Muslim followers. Devotees do offer "Pan" (Beetle leaves) to the saint. Many victims of jinn, black magic etc. is commonly seen in Gadchiroli at his Khanqah.

Although many miracles have been associated with the saint, but the most discussed miracle among his disciples is relevant to high-voltage electric cable where the saint saved the people of Gadchiroli, from the big mishap by wrapping the high-voltage electric wire around his body. His son is Syed Habeeb Husain aka Hussain Baba.


Every year on 19 November, devotees celebrate the birthday of Jilani Sarkar in his Khanqah (Sufi Dormitoriy) at Gadchiroli which is characterized by various modern rituals such as Cake cutting ceremony and other traditional rituals such as Parcham Kushai, Qawwalis. various Qawwalis and Manqabat have been sung in the praise of the Sufi Saint.

Jilani Sarkar gadchiroli
Khanqah of Jilani Sarkar at Gadchiroli 

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  • Reported by the local population of Gadchiroli.
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    of Jilani Sarkar.

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  • information collected by Sharique Patel (Tajabad Shareef, Nagpur) from various sources relevant to the subject.