Sayyed Aminul Qadri

Sayyed Aminul Qadri is a Sunni Sufi Muslim preacher, scholar and youtuber from Malegaon, India. He is one of the member of "Rukn e Arkan" of Sunni Dawate Islami a non political Muslim movement in India. He is known as Amin e Millat to his follower.

Sayyed Aminul Qadri

Life and Career

Sayyed Aminul Qadri was born in a Sayyed family in Malegaon, India. He received the name Muhammed Amin Ali at the time of his birth. According to him, his father was Rickshaw driver, so he faced economic hardship during his childhood.

Daily newspaper "Dainik Bhaskar" in its edition of 29 September 2019 identified Qadri as an international Muslim speaker. Being the Amir of Sunni Dawate Islami Shakir Ali Noori acts as his principal source of inspiration towards Sufism. He is the head caretaker (nigran) of Malegaon division  of Sunni Dawate Islami. He is known for his motivational Sufi counselling to the teenagers regarding drug, alcohol abuse etc through his speeches.

Sayyed Aminul Qadri
Tarikh-e-Karbala by Sayyed Aminul Qadri 

Being a Sunni Hanafi Muslim he follows Aala Hazrat, Imam Ahmed Rida Khan and his movement, Ahle Sunnat wal Jama'at . His Sisila e Bayah is Qadri. He received Khilafat o Ijazah from Sayyed Amin Miyan Qadri Barkati in Silsila e Qadriya Aaliya Barkatiyya.

According to Maulvi Aslam Rabbani,  he also received Khilafah o Ijazah from Hazrat Sayyed Madni Miyan (D.B) in Silsila e Ashrafiya. He further claimed that many contemporary Sufi scholars including Allama Qamruzzama Azmi praised him for his various services (Khidmaat) towards the community. 


Sayyed Amin Miyan Barkati is the notable Shaykh of Qadriyya Barkatiyya Sufi order  which is  named after Syed Shah Barkatullah from Marehra Sharif, India. According to "500 Most Influential Muslim" 2009 edition, he is the source of influence for around 2 million murids of Barkatiya Sufi order worldwide.


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