Madni Miya

Madni Miya is a Sunni Muslim scholar, saint and ascetic from Kichhauchha Sharif and senior-most influential Sunni Muslim personality of India following the Ashrafi Silsila. His followers regard him as Mujaddid of the present century. He is serving as the spiritual mentor for thousands of his disciples worldwide, including Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi and Mannani Miya.

Madni Miya
Huzur Shaykhul Islam Madni Miya 


Madni Miya was born in Kichhauchha Sharif on 1st Rajab 1357 Hijri or 27 August 1938 in the descendants of Hazrat Sayyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani Rahmatullah Alaih and received his first education there. He later moved to Al-Jamiatul Ashrafiyah, Mubarakpur, for his further education where he got the noble guidance of Hafiz e Millat, Hazrat Maulana Shah Abdul Azeez Muradabadi Rahmatullah Alaih. He is carrying out Islamic preaching since last seventy years. He is the elder brother of Hazrat Hashmi Miyan Damat Barkatuhumul Aliya and the son of Allama Pir Syed Shah Muhammad Abul Muhamid Ashrafi al-Jilani (Mouhaddis e Azam e Hind).


He has adopted "Akhtar" as his pen name. His poetry works include "Tajalliyat-e-Sukhan" comprising 254 pages in two volumes, Baran-e-Rahmat and Paraan-e-Dil. The latter comprises Nazms and Ghazals.


He is the founder of Madani Miyan Arabic College at Karnataka, India. He founded Muhaddis-e-Azam Mission in India in 1980, which has over 70 branches in India and over 200 branches in the western countries, including 7 branches across United Kingdom.

The list of his Khulafa prepared by Basharat Ali Siddiqui includes the names of over 300 of his Khulafa (caliph) worldwide. He had announced Sayyed Hamza Ashrafi as his successor, or Janasheen.

"Madani General Hospital" has been opened in Surat in an honor of Madni Miya. "Mera Madni Ashraf aa gaya" is a Manqabat written and sung by his devotees in his praise.


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