Urs Tajuddin Baba

Urs Tajuddin Baba is a Sufi festival celebrated as the anniversary, remembering Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Rahmatullah Alaih's union with Allah. Tajuddin Baba Dargah Trust conduct Urs annually in Tajuddin Baba Mausoleum in Nagpur. Shrine attracts zayreen from all over the country during Urs.

Parcham Kushai

Annual Urs starts with the Parcham Kushai. Parcham Kushai is a traditional ceremony characterized by flag hoisting. Members of Bhonsale family perform flag hoisting ceremony along with various Khuddams and Zayreen. The flag is usually green with various Islamic designs.

Qul Sharif

People also know Qul Sharif as Qul ki Fatiha. On the auspicious occasion of Qul, Fatiha is followed by Rang (Qawwali gathering). Dargah witnesses 2 Qul Sharif, Chota Qul and Bada Qul. Pure water is presented in Fatiha. Later, this holy water is distributed among the people.

Shahi Sandal

Sandal Sharif also known as Shahi sandal includes the entire day procession in which masses from all communities gather in. The sandal ends with Chadar Peshi by the hand of Shahi Imam. Sayyed Mushtaque Hussain Ali Mast Qadri Shattari (inspiration for this organization) welcomes Shahi Sandal annually by distributing Kheer to the participants of the sandal at Dargah Hazrat Abdullah Shah  Gazi at Tinnal Chowk at Nagpur.


Langar or consecrated food is distributed among the zayreen of Urs. The consecrated food includes Aalu Bhat (Tahari) or Mutton Biryani.

Tajuddin Baba Urs Date 2024

InshaAllah, this year in 2024, Tajuddin Baba Urs will be celebrated on 1 August, 2024. 


Hazrat Abdullah Shah Naushahi Qadri Rahmatullah Alaih was the spiritual master of Tajuddin Baba. According to Dargah's Khadim (head caretaker) Mohammad Ashfaque, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Baba migrated from Punjab during the British rule to Kamptee. In Kamptee he lived for 21 years till his wisal, out of the 21 years he spend 12 years doing Riyazat at Kamptee. His shrine is in Kamptee, India which is known for its annual Urs on 21st Moharram. The expected date for Baba Abdullah Shah Urs for 2021 will be on 30 August 2021.

Urs Tajuddin Baba
Dargah Hazrat Abdullah Shah at Kamptee

Dargah witness its daily fateha after Asr prayer, and special fateha and salam on Thursday which is characterized by Manqabat recitation in praise of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Baba. Mohammad Rehan is the official care taker (Khadim) of the dargah. Dargah organizes 4 Milad Mahfil monthly on 7th, 14th 16th, and 21st of the hijri calendar. The monthly Milad Mahfil on 21st of the lunar month is dedicated to Hazrat Abdullah Shah Baba Naushahi Qadri. 

The day before the Urs on 20th Muharram the dargah displays various belongings (Tabarrukat) of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Baba. Urs is 4 day long festival which concludes on 23 Muharram with Bada Qul.

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