Featured Articles of Sufipedia

Sufipedia’s Featured articles represent the best work by our community. An article will only be recognized as featured by the administrators of this Sufipedia. Visitors can give suggestions on our official email. Featured articles in this Sufipedia can be recognized by a diamond 💎 at the top of the page or at the beginning of the article. While examining the articles for featured class we follow the strict criteria which include :

* Article must be written in depth with nearly all the relevant information about the subject of the article.

* Article must be well researched with various reliable and third party references.

* Article or part should not be directly copied from somewhere else. It must be unique and factually correct, with no typing errors or grammatical mistakes. 

* Article must contain at least one image relevant to the subject.

Currently there are 10 featured article in this Sufipedia which are as follows-

1. Sufism in Kashmir

2. Muis and Grand Mufti of Singapore

3. Shattari Silsila

4. Sailani Baba

5. Zinda Shah Madar

6. Gyarvi Sharif 

7. Sabir Piya 

8. Musa Suhag

9. Fazle Haq Khairabadi 

10.Waris Pak