Bedam Shah Warsi

Bedam Shah Warsi (1879-1936) recognised as Khusron of Hazrat Hafiz Waris Ali Shah was an Urdu poet from Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh.

Early Life

Bedam Shah Warsi was born in Etawah in 1879 and completed his education in Itawah. His actual name was Ghulam Hussain. Being interested in ghazals from his childhood, Shah went to Agra to become a poet. Nisar Akbarabadi was his teacher of poetry. He is known as Siraj al-Shoora because of his poetry and Sufiana nature. Shah used to narrate ghazal and manqabat at Aastana-e-Waris Pak before narrating in front of anyone. At 16, Shah first visited Deva to meet Haji Waris Ali Shah and became his disciple, where he received the name Bedam Shah. He received Ahram on the same day from the blessed hands of his mentor, Haji Waris Ali Shah. He had the same honor '' Khusron'', that Hazrat Amir Khusron had in Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia's court in Delhi.
Bedam Shah Warsi
Ghulam Hussain

Died24 November 1936
Husainganj, Lucknow
Known forUrdu poetry


Hazrat Bedam Shah’s collection of 14 poems (Diwan) was published during his lifetime. It is believed that sufiana Mahfil remains incomplete without the recitation of Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi's kalam.

His famous couplets include

*) ''Be khud ki ye dete hain

Andaz Hijabana ''.

*) '' Dene walaa tujhe denaa hai to itnan den den

Kay mujhe Shiqwa e kotaahi e daaman ho jaayen''.

*) ''Haq Ali Haq".

Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi spread the message of Sufism through his Kalam along with Sufi philosophies through his Ghazals, Rubaiyat, Naat Sharif, Salam and Hamd. His Sufiyana Kalam still dominates people’s souls in Pakistan, Dubai and other countries, including India.

On 24 November 1936, Bedam Shah Warsi's soul united with Allah in Husainganj Lucknow. He was buried near his master’s grave in Deva, as per his will. Shrine of Bedam Shah Warsi attracts devotees from diverse religions. His last Kalam was Mas-haf-e-Bedam. Below is the glimpse of his love towards his Murshid.

"Khwajgan ke Jhurmoot mein, Mera Waris Chel Chhabila Hon

Dhan Dhan Bhagan Tere O Sajni, jiska Aisa Saajanwa Hon."
Bedam Shah Warsi
Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi

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