Sidi Hamza al Qadiri al Boutchichi

Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi was the Moroccan Sunni, Sufi Muslim Shaykh recognised as the head of Qadri Boutchichi Silsila, the Grandest Sufi Order of Morocco. He was privileged to have millions of followers (murids) across the globe.

Sidi Hamza al Qadiri al Boutchichi
Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi

Early Life and Career

Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi was born in 1922 in Morocco. In 1972 he became the leader of Qadiri Boutchichi Tariqa and remained as the head of the Tariqa until 2017. He was the Ruhani murid of Sidi Aboo Madyaan, who guided him in his spiritual learning. But officially he took Bayah (Oath of Allegiance) at the hand of his father, Shaykh Sidi Abbas. Shaykh expertise includes, Dhikr, Fiqh, Aqeedah, etc. Shaykh Sidi Jamaal succeeded him as his Khalifa as per the wishes of Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi.

In his lifetime, during annual Mawlid celebration in Morocco, millions of his followers used to visit Madagh to celebrate Eid - e- Miladunnabi and to listen to the holy lecture of this blissful soul. The local Morracan media have broadcast this event several times.

This noble soul united with Allah on 18 January 2017, after assisting  several years to the heavenly sect of Ahle Sunnah , he was buried at his native place near Madagh in Morocco.

Qadiriyya Boutchichiya Tariqa

Sidi Hamza al Qadiri al Boutchichi
Sufi Shayks of Budshishi order

Qadiri Boutchichi Tariqa or Boutchichiya Tariqa is the branch of Qadiri Silsila (founded by Gaus-Aazam-Dastageer) which was brought to Morocco (Fez) from Spain by various Khulfa of Huzoor Gaus-e-Aazam Dastageer which later recognised as Tariqa e Boutchichiya. The notable Shaykh of this order includes Shaykh Aboo Madyaan Boutchichiya, Shaykh Sidi Abbas Boutchichi, Shaykh Sidi Hamza Boutchichiya and the current incumbent Shaykh Sidi Jamaluddin Boutchichi. This Sufi order is described as ''apolitical" because it is not affiliated with any political group. Boutchichi sufi order is mostly based in the North Eastern Morocco in oudja. Since it is responsible for the expansion of the city it was termed as "Urban Brotherhood". It is said that the support from the Administration to Boutchichi order helped it to convey its teachings to the common public. In November 2002, Ahmed Toufiq, a member of Boutchichi order was appointed as the minister of Islamic Affairs by the King, which became the difficult situation for Toufiq to handle the designation because of apolitical nature of the Boutchichiya (sufi order to whom he belongs).

Author Carool Kersten mentioned in his book "Contemporary Thought in the Muslim World: Trends, Themes, and Issues" that Budshishiya (Boutchichi) order was started in 1942 by Abu Madyan ibn Munawwar Al Boutchichi (1873-1955) as a Sub order of Qadri Silsila. He mentioned that this order further developed under the guidance of sophisticated Pir (Spirtual mentor) Sidi Hamza and was spread among the middle class families by the key figure Shaykh Abdas-Salam Yasin. He also mentioned the name of Fauzi Skali as a major contributor for its development. Skali was the founder of "Fes World Festival of Sacred Music ". 

Author Abdelilah Bouasria in his book “Sufism and Politics in Morocco: Activism and Dissent” describes the relationship between the Boutchichi Sufi masters and their students. According to him, Sidi’s student considers him not only as the Murshid or Pir but also Spiritual father. This relationship between Pir and Muridain had paved the way for the reintroduction of the concept of family (Spiritual family) in Morocco.


Muqaddam is the term allotted to the local branch leader of Budshishi order.

*Fokara is the term used for the disciples (Murid) of the order.


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