Mohaddis e Azam Hind

Sayyed Muhammad Ashrafi Jilani Kachochvi Hanfi or Mohaddis e Azam e Hind was a key personality of Ashrafi silsila and Sufi saint from Uttar Pradesh, India. He was born on 15 Zilqad, 1311 Hjri or 1894 A.D to Hazrat Sayyad Nazar Ashraf and Bibi Sayyeda Muhammadi Khatun (daughter of Ashrafi Miyan) in Raibareilly, India. He received his initial education from his father, Sayyed Nazar Ashraf (R. A) and later moved to great seminaries of the present day Uttar Pradesh to perceive higher Islamic studies under the notable scholars, including Mujaddid Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi.


Mohaddis Sahab Bawa was the maternal grandson of Ashrafi Miyan. He received Bayah on the hand of his maternal uncle Hazrat, Maulvi Ahmad Ashraf Ashrafi (R.A) and later married to his daughter. He had 2 daughters, Sayyeda Iqbal Banu and Sayyeda Sultana Khatun and six sons, including his successor, Shykh-ul-Islam-Madni Miya and Ghazi-e-Millat or Hashmi Miyan.


His notable works include 'Farsh Pe Arsh', Milad-e-Ashrafi, Fatawa-e-Ashrafiya and translation of the Holy Quran with many others.

His disciples claimed that he spent most of his life in spreading the Islamic teachings in various parts of the world. He had performed five (5) Hajj in his life.

Wisal and Mazar

He received Wisal on 25th of December, 1961 or 16 Rajjab, 1381 Hijri after suffering from prolong illness.

His funeral prayer was performed by his brother-in-law, Sarkar-e-Kalan Hazrat Allama Mukhtar Ashraf al-Ashrafi al-Jilani (Rahmatullah Alaih) who was the then caretaker of Khanqah-e-Ashrafiya Husayniya. His Mazar Mubarak is in Kichaucha Sharif, India. Annual Urs is celebrated on 16 Rajab at his shrine which attracts thousands of his disciples from all over the Country.

Mohaddis e Azam Mission, an Islamic organization had been named in the honor of the Saint.

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