Pir Baba

Syed Ali Gaus Shah Tirmizi known as Pir Baba of Buner was a 16th century Sufi saint from Buner region of Pakistan. Pir Baba's history trace back to Mughal emperor Humayun. Devotees constructed Sufi mausoleum of in Buner in his honour which attracts tens of thousands devotees. current caretaker of pir Baba Shrine is Pir Baba Syed Hussain Shah. He was the 32th or 33th generation of Prophet (peace be upon him).

Early Life and Education

Pir Baba was born in 908 AH in Fergana, Uzbekistan. He received his initial education from his grandfather, Syed Ahmad Noor. Syed Ali Tirmizi studied Madhab under the guidance of guidance of Sheikh Siloneh Keith and tasawwuf under Sheikh Salar Rumi. It elected him as the Khalifa of Roman Sheikh Salar Sufi order. Akhund Towers and Sayyad Mohammad Ibrahim Shah, known as Hesar Baba, were his students and successors. He received permission from the Chishti, Suhrawardy, Shattari and Hallaji and Kabruiyya Sufi order. 

Urs Festival

Pir Baba shrine is an oldest shrine of Buner region. shrine experiences its annual two day long festival with various Sufi practices, Langar (distribution of free meal), paying tribute to Pir Baba by offering flowers wreath on his grave (Mazar Sharif) with a recitation of Holy Quran. Shrine attracts devotees from Afghanistan and Pakistan during annual Urs Festival. The other Urs rituals are qawwali and naat programmes. 

Attack By Deobandi Militancy

Deobandi militancy attacked the shrine in  9 December 2008 which led to the temporary closure of shrine. They had destroyed the hordings quoting ' Ya Rasool Allah and Ya Ali with the burning of various writings related to  him. 

In 2009 after the end of militancy rule it reopened with its original Sufi practices.


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