Zinda Shah Madar

Sayyed Ahmed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar was a Sunni Muslim ascetic, Sufi saint who was born on 1st of Shawwal ul Muqarram 242 Hijri or 30th January, 857 A.D.


Badiuddin means exposing the love of Islam in hearts of People. The Khalifa of Hazrat Nasiruddin Chiragh Dehli, Hazrat Mir Jafar Makki explained the term Qutubul Madar  as a rank in the awliyas who have the power to confiscate the powers of Qutb (rank of Auliyas). "Zinda" is an Urdu-Hindi term means "living", per the basic principle of Sufism that a Sufi remains alive forever. Makanpuri in his name represents the town Makanpur a town in India where saint is resting today.

Genealogical Tree

Rasul Allah Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam

  • Hazrat Ali Karam Allahu Wajhul Kareem
  • Hazrat Imam Hussain Radiallahu Taala anhu
  • Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Imam Muhammad al-Baqir Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Inam Jafar as Sadiq Radiallahu Taala anhu
  • Hazrat Sayyed Ismail Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Sayyed Muhammad Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Sayyed Ahmed Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Sayyed Zahiruddin Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Sayyed Bahuddin Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Sayyed Alu Halwi Radiallahu Taala Anhu
  • Hazrat Sayyed Badiuddin Pir Zinda Shah Madar
He was Sayyed from both paternal and maternal side, his mother Bibi Fatema Tabrizi was Hasani Sayyed and his father was husaini sayyed .

According to Author James Wise, he moved to India particularly Makanpur as per the direction of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to save the local population of Makanpur from the evil demon named "Mauckna", author further mentioned that Zinda Shah Madar succeeded in his mission to save the community from the evil.  He received permission of Habs-e-Dam from Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Many miracles of the saint were also reported by James in his book "Notes on the Races, Castes and Trades of Eastern Bengal". Sultan Ibrahim Shargi, of Jaunpur, carried his coffin, and constructed a Sufi mausoleum over his Mazar Mubarak. He received Wisal on 17 Jamadiul awwal, 838 Hijri or 17 December 1434 A.D Hijri approximately the age of 578 years. Urs is celebrated annually on 7th Rajab globally at his Various "Chillas" and at Makanpur thousands of pilgrims, of every religion. He is well known for his Habs-e-dam.


Many Chilla of Hazrat Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar is located in Maharashtra. Devotees believed that those Chillas are the places where Madar Shah meditated. one such chilla is in Bhandara district of Maharashtra known for its various miraculous incidents.

Dam Madar Beda Par

Dam Madar Beda Par is the common chant among the followers of Zinda Shah Madar. Qawwali "Dam Madar Beda Par" by Arshad Kaamli is based on the same chant. This phrase is regarded as the charm for snake bite and scorpion's stings. Many Madari fakirs walk on fire, barefooted by Saying "Dam Madar Beda Par" without getting any burn.


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