Sailani Baba-History

💎Hazrat Abdur Rehman Shah Sailani Rahmatullah Alaih (1871-16 December 1906) known as Sailani Baba was a renowned Sufi Saint of Naqshbandi Sufi order from Buldhana district of Maharashtra, India. His Sufi mausoleum better known as Sailani Baba Dargah is in Buldhana district of Maharashtra.

Sailani Baba History
Hazrat Sailani Baba Rahmatullah Alaih

History of Sailani Baba

Sailani Baba was born in a wealthy family. His father, Kale Khan, was a renowned business person of Delhi. Kale Khan and his wife were childless for many years and with the blessing of one Sufi Majzoub, the wife of Kale Khan gave birth to a baby boy later renowned as Sailani Baba. In his Childhood and early teenage he had a great fondness for wrestling. So in his early teenage he migrated from Delhi to areas near Deccan to learn to wrestle. He met Noor Miyan, a famous wrestler of Balapur, and mastered wrestling. He later travelled to Hyderabad. His Sufi journey started from here with the meeting of a Sufi Fakir who motivated him to adopt Sufism. After blessing him with Ruhani Fuyuz o Barkat Sufi, guided Baba to visit a Sufi Derwish in Nanded, Maharashtra. The Sufi saints from which he received Ruhani Fuyuz o Barkat include Hazrat Qutub Shah Rahmatullah Alaih, Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rahmatullah Alaih. Being impressed by Hazrat Khairuddin Mujarrad Rahmatullah Alaih, Sailani Baba took the oath of allegiance on the hands of Hazrat Khairuddin Mujarrad Rahmatullah Alaih in the woods near chopda. He spends days with Hazrat Khairuddin Mujarrad Rahmatullah Alaih in his Khanqah (Sufi dormitory).

Sailani Baba History
Hazrat Shah Khairuddin Mujarrad Rahmatullah Alaih

He continued the spiritual Sufi path and reached high "Maqam" (spiritual station) in a brief span of time. Baba used to meditate for many days. He received the Khilafat from Hazrat Shah Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rahmatullah Alaih along with Ijazah in the four Sufi orders: Naqshbandiya, Chistiya, Qadriya, Suharwardiyya. Soon Hazrat Khairuddin Mujarrad appointed him as his Sajjadanasheen. Hazrat Nuruddin guided Baba to go to Chikhli, a small village in district Buldhana. Because of his miraculous power and charism, he is recognized as auliya e Kamil. His Khalifa Hazrat Khairulla Shah Mujarrad Rahmatullah Alaih recorded various miracles of Sailani baba in the book" Raaz-e-Tasawwuf". Hazrat Sailani Baba Rahmatullah Alaih’s soul united with Allah on Wednesday, 16 December 1908.

Sailani Baba Dargah and Urs Festival

Sailani Baba
Sailani Baba Dargah in Buldhana

Sailani Baba Dargah is a Sufi shrine constructed over the Mazar Mubarak of Sailani Baba. Huge mausoleum is constructed with a central dome. Huge courtyard is constructed for the devotees. Devotees visit Dargah on the occasion of annual Urs. People know this Sufi shrine for its various miraculous powers to heal the individuals affected by jinns, black magic, etc. Dargah attracts devotees from all the religion, making the shrine a symbol of communal harmony. Various religious rituals including offering of flower wreaths, sandal, chaddar, arrangements of Qawwali congregation and Niyaz (distribution of sacred food) mark annual Urs festival. Caretaker of Sailani Baba dargah is Daud Khan Pathan. 

The Hindu pilgrims of Sailani Baba Dargah organize a huge Holi Dahan program every year during the Sailani Baba Yatra of Buldhana district in Maharashtra which attracts people from all over the country. This Holi has the unique feature of burning dried coconut and old clothes instead of wood. It is presumed that by lighting one’s clothes in this Holi, one obtains relief from ghosts, black magic, and various ruhani diseases and medical illness.

This Holi Dahan was first initiated in 1990. and it is the first event of Sailani Baba Urs.

Sailani Baba Urs Date 2022

Insha Allah, this year in 2022, Sailani Baba Urs will start from 18 March 2022 and will conclude on 22 March, 2022. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) I am Hindu. Can I still be able to visit Sailani Baba Dargah?

Answer: yes, anybody who loves and respects the saint is welcome to Buldhana at his dargah to receive saint's blessings, irrespective of their castes, creeds or religions.


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