MUIS Singapore

Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), is an Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. The Council of MUIS is the comprehensive ruling-making group and is efficient for the formation of plans and important policies. Muis was set up  in 1968. Under AMLA, Muis is to advise the President of Singapore on all matters related to Islam in Singapore.

The Council is composed up of the President of Muis, the Grand Mufti of Singapore, the Chief Director, and representatives approved by the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs and recommended by Muslim organizations. All representatives of the Council are designated by the President of the Republic of Singapore.

Strategic Priority of MUIS is to set the Islamic agenda, define religious activities and create the Singaporean Muslim Identification. Islamic spiritual scholars, or asatizahs, play a vital job in building up an understanding of community. There are 4,500 asatizah in Singapore. Masagos a Singaporean minister, in his speech in June 2019 said, Muslim community is a community of success. Muis is looking at the varied benefits of Singapore's Muslim society.

Grand Mufti of Singapore

Grand Mufti of Singapore is the senior most Islamic authority in Singapore. Present incumbent is Dr. Naziruddin Muhammad Nasir. The role of Grand Mufti is important to Muslim people in Singapore, a position given much recognition by Singaporean Muslims, comprising the Asatizah, camaraderie, by the Islamic chiefs of other communities, and from around the globe.

The Grand Mufti sets the style for the Islamic holy authority fraternity in Singapore and plays an important act in enhancing civil coherence by fostering the society’s integration in the broader multi-theological Society.

As chair of the fatwa committee, Grand Mufti oversees key religious laws that instruct Muslim society in Singapore. Management of Zakat, Waqf (endowment), Pilgrimage affairs including Haj and Umrah, Halaal certification and alternative tasks associated to the social and religious way of life of Muslims in Singapore. Construction, administration and management of mosques (Masjid) Development and management of Islamic Education and Madrasah Issuance of religious guidance to the people.

Ustaz Dr. Muhammad Fataris Bakaram

Ustaz Dr Muhammad Fatris Bakaram

Ustaz Dr Muhammad Fatris Bakaram was the erstwhile Grand Mufti of Singapore until the designation of New Grand Mufti of Singapore Dr. Naziruddin Muhammad Nasir on March 1, 2020, The statement was made on January 9, 2020. The President of Singapore Mrs. Halima Jacob did the appointment in dialogue with the council. Ustaz Bakaram born in a family of Islamic teachers in Pasir Panjang village. His Father Ustaz Bakaram Osman was an Islamic Scholar. Ustaz received his primary education from a school in his village and Madarsah Ali Junaid. In 1988 moved to Al Azhar University, Cairo for further studies. He completed his doctorate degree from Birmingham. Ustaz Dr. Fatris Bakaram was the Grand Mufti from last 9 years. Before appointment of other Grand Mufti, Dr Naziruddin Muhammad Nazir was serving as the Deputy Grand Mufti of the country.Dr Fatris is serving the society as a senior associate representative of the Fatwa Board, which looks after Singapore’s Islamic rulings. Dr Fatris set up the Office of The Mufti and the development of religious instructors, officials and intellectuals in Singapore. He attended the advancement of many Islamic codes. His forethought also consists of advising the younger associate representatives of the fatwa board (and) strengthening the Asatizah Recognition Scheme. As a senior, he is persuing to instruct and train the contemporary team and newer representatives of the asatizah fraternity in Singapore. Dr Fatris Bakaram became Singapore’s third Mufti in 2011. He has been an ustaz, Islamic instructor since the 1990s and still conducts a class at his native mosque weekly every Sunday. He had succeeded Mufti Syed Isa Semait in the office of Grand Mufti.

Ustaz Dr NazirUddin Muhammad Nasir

Ustaz Dr Nasiruddin Muhammad Nasir

Dr Nazirudin Muhammad Nasir is serving as the present Grand Mufti of Singapore. Made important improvements in supporting the Grand Mufti to develop Islamic policies in Singapore as the deputy Mufti, he supported the Grand Mufti in providing guidance for the Muslim's religious developments.

He secured  Masters degree in comparative law from School of Oriental and African Studies  University of London, an Masters degree in religious studies at Oxford, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Saint Cross College of Oxford. His argumentation explored the geneology of the conception of Abrahamic doctrines and religions, especially in the efforts of the Islamicist from France Louis Massignon. He secured his early qualification from Al Azhar Cairo in Islamic law.

Halimah Jacob being thankful to Ustaz Dr Fatris for his noble devotion and leadership to the Muslim society she applauded him. She pointed out that Dr Fatris increased the ecosystem of responsibility for the people’s socio-religious demands and upheld the progress and promoting of their Islamic scholars and instructors. She further added that she is glad that Dr Fatris will proceed support to relevant boards and guide younger Islamic leaders."

On his appointment, Dr Nazirudin said, he is humbled to assume this duty, and promise to better improve the admirable work of his forebears. He felt himself blessed to have improved from the leadership of Dr Fatris for over 10 years. He further added that he will work with a determined team in the office of the Grand Mufti to serve the Singaporean Muslim society to achieve better development. Ustaz Muhammad Murat Muhammadd Aris and Ustaz Dr Muhammad Hannan Hassan is supporting Dr Nasiruddin as the deputy Muftis. Ustaz Murat is overseeing Islamic policies and his colleague Ustaz Dr Hannan overseeing asatizah development and madarsah curriculum. In her Facebook post, President Halimah Yacob said “ I am confident that Dr Nazirudin will continue to lead the Muslim society well in the future.” She further added that Dr Nazirudin’s present efforts as the deputy Grand Mufti of Singapore and his involvement many years within MUIS holds him in excellent stead to take on the task of Mufti, His function in inter-sectarian inquiries and understanding addressing at various interfaith events will again be key in fostering finer awareness and coherence within our varied community.


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