Waris Pak

💎Waris Pak or Haji Hafiz Waris Ali Shah Rahmatullah alaih was the respected Wali, ascetic and the originator of Warsi Silsila (Sufi order) known for his miraculous powers (Karamat). His Mazar Sharif is in Deva Sharif (Uttar Pradesh), India. Urs festival is celebrated annually in the Islamic lunar month of Safarul Muzaffar. Shah, who spread the message of love and Humanity is respected both by his Hindu and Muslim followers.

Geniologiacal tree of Waris Pak

His ancestors were migrated from Neyshabur ( city in Iran). Sayyad Ashraf Abi Talib was one among his forefather who  first migrated  to Dewa Sharif  from Neyshapur. He was the father of Sayyad karamullah, father of Sayyad salamatullah, father of Sayyad quraban ali shah, father of Hazrat Waris Ali Shah. He was ' Najibut -Tarfain' (Sayyad from both maternal and paternal side) as the 26th Genaration of Imam Hussain Shahihd e Karbala, heirs of Imam Musa Kazim R.A.

Childhood and Early Life

Huzoor Waris Paak was born as Mitthan Miyan (birth name) to Hazrat Qurban Ali Shah and Syeda Sakina Bibi in 1809/1817 or first Ramadan (1238 Hijri). His sister's name was Rahimunnisa Begum.

Being a devout Muslim boy, deeply inclined to religious activities, Shah memorized the Quran at an early age of 5.  His teachers include Hafiz Mazhar Ali Shah, Maulvi Imam Ali , Hafiz Abdus Samad. He soon joined the company of Hazrat Khadim Ali Shah (Brother in law of Huzoor Waris Pak) and accompanied him till his Wisal. Khadim Ali Shah (student and Khalifa of Shah Abdul Azeez Muhaddis dehalvi R. A) trained him on the path of Islamic Mysticism. He received Ijazah in Qadriyya, Chistiya, Aaliya Tariqa from Khadim Ali Shah when he was 11 years old. He becomes the spiritual successor of Khadim Ali Shah and calls the people to Qadriya Razzakiya Tarika.

Life of Waris Pak

S.N Chanda mentioned in the book "Saints in Indian Folklore: Tales of Saints Known in Various Parts of India" that Waris Pak had sold all his properties and went to Haj for pilgrimage, this shows his religious nature and ascetism that how he left the worldly possession for Islam. As he was related to Chishti Silsila along with Qadri Silsila he likes to Sama (Qawwali)

In another book, "Islamic Review and Muslim India, Volume 7 " (original from Cornell University) mentioned the life of Waris Pak as "In our days we have seen people in the past, such as Waris Pak, the Sunni, Sufi saint of Deva, who lived life exactly as Jesus lived. A life of absorption in the love of God, a life of indifference". He used to wear Yellow Ahram and Wooden Khadawe (kind of footwear). still the Warsi fakir is maintaining this tradition of wearing Ahram and Khadawe.

Waris Pak extensively travelled to various part of the world, during his 14 years travel he performed 11 Haj. Historians also mentioned  the  meeting of Waris Ali Shah with Mujaddid Imam Ahmed Raza Khan. It was the first time when someone called Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil e Barelvi as Aala Hadrat, later Mujaddid Ahmed Raza Khan is recognized as Ala Hadrat.

Aastana e Waris Pak

Waris Pak
Aastana-e-Waris Pak

Aastana e Waris Pak is in Dewa Sharif (Barabanki District, Uttar Pradesh). His disciples constructed a magnificent mausoleum (mentioned by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in their official website) over the Mazar Mubarak of Sarkar Alam Panah which is said to be the symbol of Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb in India. Udit Narayan sponsored Silver for the work of the mausoleum.

Holi festival is celebrated inside the Dargah Campus which includes flowers and colors, it is said that various Ahram posh also participate in this Holi festival and due its involvement of Ahram Posh this festival received the name Eid e Gulabi. On the celebration of the annual Urs Mubarak, a 10 days Mela (Fair) is held here in October-November every year recognized as Dewa Mela to memorialize the saint. It consists of an all India Natiya Mushayra, Kavi Sammelan, music concerts etc. Urs e Waris Pak is extensively celebrated in various parts of the world especially in  India and Pakistan.

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