Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

Hazrat Sharfudin Bu Ali Qalandar Panipati Nomani Rahmatullah Alaih better known as '''Bu Ali Shah Qalandar''' was a Sunni Sufi saint of Owaisiya Silsila of Sufism. 

Parents of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

His father was Salar Fakhruddin Iraqi Rahmatullah alaih. He was the extraordinary scholar and expert of Sufism, genealogical tree of his father, meet with Hazrat Noman bin Sabit Rahmatullah Alaih (Imam e Azam Abu Hanifa). He took Bayah on the hand of Hazrat Shah Kirmaani Rahmatulah Alaih. After completion of the worldly education, he inclined towards Tasawwuf and done various Riyazat up to 14 years. Inspired by his Riyazat and his pious personality, his master and Pir Hazrat Shah Kirmani Rahmatullah Alaih selected him as the future husband of his sister Bibi Hafiza Jamal. His Mazar Sharif is in Panipat.

 His mother was Sayyida Hafiza Jamaal bint Naymatullah shah Kirmaani Rahmatullah alaih.

Migration of his parents to India

After the marriage, Bu Ali Shah Qalandar's mother give birth to a baby boy named Nizamuddin (elder brother of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar) who later specialized himself in the treatment of Animals especially Horse which lead to his recruitment in Army. As the Army migrated to Panipat, India, both of his mother and father went to Panipat along with the elder brother of Hazrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar (Nizamuddin.)


Bu Ali Shah Qalandar was born in 605 Hijri (1209 A. H.) in Panipat, India during the reign of Qutubuddin Aibak. He was sayyad from his maternal side and the heir of Imam e Azam from his paternal side.

Early life and Education

He was admitted to Madarsa in Delhi named Bame Bihisht for first education, he learnt from many great scholars of that time Allama Maulana Moinuddin Imrani, Sirajuddin, Najmuddin Damishki, Ruknuddin, and he later become the teacher and the Khateeb of the mosque Kuwwatul Islam (accompanying the Madrasa) which was constructed by Qutubuddin Aibak 

Shajra e Nasab (Genealogical tree)

Bu Ali Shah qalandar bin Salar Fakhruddin Gazi bin Hasan bint Aba-bakar Gazi bint Faris bin Abdurrahman bin Abdur Rahim bint Dani Bint Imam Noman bin Sabit Rahmatullah Alaih. He received an epithet Nomani because of his ancestor, Hazrat Noman Bin Sabit Rahmatullah Alaih.

From Sharfuddin to Bu Ali shah 

It is said that Rasul Allah Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Sallam himself gave him this title ''Bu Ali' by impressing from his Riyazat. It is well understood that the source of inspiration for all sufis is Hazrat Maula Ali Mushkil Kusha, when Maula Ali Rahmatulla Aalaih gives him Faiz, he said, in Shaan of him.
Haidriyam Kalandaram Mastam,
Banda e Murtaza Ali Hastam, 
Peshwa-e-Tamam Wrindaanam, 
Ke Sage Paye-Sher e Yazdanam

Disciples and Literary Works

Sultan Jalaluddin Khilji, Sultan Alauddin Khilji, was his disciple. His dewan includes Diwan e Bu Ali Shah in Persian language, his other book includes Hukum Nama e Sharfuddin. 

Wisal and Roza Mubarak of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

His Wisal was in 1324 A.H (724 Hijri) total life span was 115 years. After his Wisal Huge Sufi Mausoleum is constructed over his grave  by Gyasuddin, along with some participation of Hazrat Aurangzeb Alamgir, Masjid and Baramda was constructed by Mahawat Khan (general and state leader during the reign of Emperor Jahangir). His Mazar is located 103 km from Indira Gandhi International airport. Shrine of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar witness weekly fair on every Thursday, Shrine witness its annual Urs from 9th Shawwal to 12 Shawwal.


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