Mufti e Azam Rajasthan

Mufti-e Azam Rajasthan, or Grand Mufti of Rajasthan, is the chief authority for issuing verdicts on Muslim matters within the Sunni Islamic community of Rajasthan. The current incumbent is Mufti Sher Mohammad Khan. He was designated for this post in 2013 after the Wisal of the former Grand Mufti of Rajasthan, Hazrat Ashfaque Hussain Naimi. 

Mufti Ashafaq Hussain Naimi

Mufti Ashafaq Hussain Naimi was the first grand mufti of Rajasthan in independent India. He was the Sufi Shaykh of Qadriyya, Razviyya, and Barkatiyya and was the disciple of Hazrat Ajmal Hussain Sambhali. His He was born on December 19, 1921, in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India. He received his initial education from the Madrasa of Hazrat Ajmal Hussain Sambhali, Ajmal ul Uloom. His other teachers include Hazrat Mustafa Raza Khan, Mohaddis Azam Hind, Allama Naimuddin Moradabadi, Haji Imdadullah Muhajir e Makki, and others. He moved to Jodhpur in 1945, per the direction of his master, Hazrat Ajmal, and joined Madrasa Darul Uloom Ishaquia in 1948. He is credited with being the founder of various reputed Sunni-Islamic seminaries in Rajasthan. His notable works include Ikhtiyarat-e-Mustafa, Shafaat-e-Mustafa, and Fatawa-e-Mufti-e-Azam Rajasthan. He received Wisal at the age of 92 on October 15, 2013 (9 Zilhijja, 1434 Hijri). He was buried on the Ashaquia Institute premises. His Urs is celebrated at his Mazar in Chaukhan Sharif, Jodhpur, annually on 9 Zilhijja with different Sufi traditions.

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