Sirri Saqti

Sirri Saqti was the notable Sufi saint of Junaidi Silsila.


His name actual was Sirruddin, from which his common name Sirri was derived. Sirri in Arabic means "Secret". His title was Abul Hussain. He probably got the name Saqati due to his profession. 


He was born around 150 Hijri in Iraq. Initially he was business man.

When people enquired him about his early life he said once upon a time Hazrat Habeeb Raee (R.A) passed infront of his shop, so he gave him few pieces of bread to distribute among the destitutes. By impressing from his compassionate act, Hazrat Habeeb gave him blessings. After receiving those blessings from Hazrat Habeeb, he eventually lost the worldly desires and started devoting himself to Allah.

He received both spiritual and worldly education from Hazrat Maruf Karkhi and eventually became his Khalifa. He was the student of Hazrat Fuzail bin Ayaz (رضی الله عنه) and thus a member of Tabe Tabain.

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