Junaidi Silsila

Junaidi Silsila is the Sufi order which was emanated in Iraq, the chief leader of this order was Hazrat Junaid e Baghdadi Rahmatullah Alaih. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh was the notable follower of this silsila. This Silsila is contemplated as the older Sufi order (like Bastami Tariqa) from which the present Qadiri order was derived or modernized. Some scholars believes that Qadri Silsila is not a different Sufi order but the same Junaidi Silsila which was later popularized as Qadri order due to the prominent Saint of this order Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (رحمة الله عليه ). The eight requirements of Junaidi Silsila were mentioned by 13th century Maliki jurist Ibn Ata Allah al-Iskandari in his treatise of Zikr. This Tariqa was more inclined towards strict Shariah rules thus proved critical for Non-Islamic practices of that time.

The followers of this order are known as Junaidi or Junedi Sufis in subcontinent and abroad. Hazrat Sirajuddin Junaidi is one of the prominent and probably the earliest Saint of this order who came to India. His Mazar Sharif is in Gulbarga, India. Gulbarga has the predominance of the followers of this order due to the settlement of the heirs of Hazrat Sirajuddin Junaidi. It is claimed that Tajuddin Junaidi is the present leader of Gulbarga faction of the order.

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