Allama Qamruzzama Azmi

Allama Qamruzzama Azmi is a UK based Indian Sufi , Sunni Muslim Scholar and Preacher regarded as tallest Islamic figure of United Kingdom. Maulana Azmi is the general secretary of World Islamic Mission. He is the Khalifa of former Grand Mufti of India, Huzur Mustafa Raza Khan Khan qadri (a blessed son of Mujaddid Ahmed Raza Khan Hanafi Qadri) and Sarkar e Kalan, Sayyed Muhammad Mukhtar Ashraf (an eminent leader of Ashrafi order) He has received the honorifics Huzoor Mufakkir-e-Islam.

Early Life and Career

Allama Qamruzzama was born into a highly spiritual and well-literate Sunni Sufi family on March 23, 1946, in Azamgarh, Uttar Pardesh, India. His birth name was Mohammad Khan Qamaruzzaman Azmi. His father and grand father were Allama Abdul Hamid Khan and Allama Abdul Samad Khan respectively from whom he learned the basics of Islamic Sciences including Urdu and Farsi languages. Later, he was admitted to Madarsa Anwar-ul-uloom. From there he started his formal education and was later admitted to Jamiya Ashrafiya Mubarakpur at the tender age of 12. Azmi further continued his formal Islamic learnings from Darul uloom Nadawatululama, where he obtained his Aalim degrees and then returned to Jamiya Ashrafiya Mubarakpur where his dastar bandi was performed by the senior Alim of that time. In 1966 he was ordered by Hazrat Allama Abdul Azeez Muradabadi to go to Faizabad to work as a Mudarris (religious teacher). At 18, he founded the Islamic University, Al-Jamiatul-Islamia. In 1973, an agreement was made in Mecca to form the very initial international Sufi organization, which was later named as World Islamic Mission. Shaykh Arshad ul Quadri invited Hazrat Allama Qamruzzama to join him as the Joint Secretary General of the organization. He subsequently moved to Bradford, Great Britain, in 1974. A collection of scientific speeches by his hand was published in 3 volumes. Part one was compiled by Muhammad Rehaan Raza Misbahee and Abdullah Aazmi in a 376 pages book consisting of 12 speeches on Khutbaat-e-Muffaqir-e-Islam published by Maktaba e Taiba, Bombay, India. Part two was turned into a 512 pages book, comprising of 19 lectures compiled by Muhammad Sajeed Husain Quadri entitled Khutabaat-e-Muffaqir-e-Islam which was published by the Hyderabad branch of Maktaba e Taiba, which was launched by former Grand Mufti of India Azhari Miyan and Muhaddis e Kabir. Part three was turned into a 240 pages book consisting of 11 speeches entitled Ilmi taqreeren compiled by Imran Husain Chawdhory, which was published by one Sunni Sufi organization of Pakistan in 2008. It is said that these publications received appreciation from various contemporary intellects globally. Maqalat-e-Muffaqir-e-Islam consists of around 200 articles written by Qamruzzama Azmi. His books like Jamal-e-Mustafa (peace be upon him) are already in circulation in India. Allama Qamruzzama is continuing the missionary work from last 50 years; he devoted himself to building many Sunni Sufi organizations and institutions around the world, along with institutions providing modern education globally. Allama Qamruzzaman is the Chief Imam of North Manchester Jamia Mosque; he was the attendee of the protest against Indian government regarding some provisions of right to education.

Views and opinions of Allama Qamruzzama

While addressing a peace conference in Pune in June 2006, Allama Azmi said that associating the term terrorism with the piousness of Islam is an old multinational conspiracy to defame Islam (Religion of Peace). He believes that saving one's life is saving the entire humanity and killing one innocent is killing the whole humanity. He believes that the students studying in English Medium School are going astray from Islam so they must have to do proper justice with Islamic education. According to him, peace and calmness of mind will come in the country, particularly through gaining knowledge. He believes education is of vital concern in progress. He sees religion along with practical learning to be the most effective in every religion. He believes tolerance must go on in the state, and that there is no place for terror and evil in any religion. We have to give top preference to carrying out practice, particularly thus will there be peace and tranquility in India.

Ecumenical learning prepares us to be part of a civil culture. Gives us job conveniences, but in spiritual learning we have to read the appropriate qualities of every denomination.


The former Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameroon had appreciated the dedicated services of Allama Azmi towards integration of the community and interfaith dialogue 's promotion. Saeed Noori authored the Biography of Allama Azmi known as Tajalliyat e Qamar which was published by Raza Academy Mumbai. He has been mentioned in the list of World's 500 Most Influential Muslim consecutively from last 10 years from 2011 to 2021. He has also been honoured with various awards including the noble Muftee-e-Aazam Award from Raza Academy, He received this award by the hands of Tanvir Miyan.

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