Mufti Akmal

Mufti Akmalalso known as Mufti Muhammad Akmal Qadri Madani, is a Sunni, Sufi, Muslim Scholar, cleric and Mufti from Karachi, Pakistan. He is known for his tv program “Ahkaam-e-Shariat” at ARY Qtv. In his initial career, he was also associated with Dawate Islami.

Mufti Akmal 
Muzaffargarh, Pakistan
Other namesMufti Muhammad Akmal Madani
OccupationMufti, Author and Religious teacher
Years active2004 - as a gift
Known forIslamic lectures
Notable work
  • Qurbe Ilahi
  • Aapke Masail aur Unka Hal

Early Life and Career

He Was born not in a very scholarly atmosphere in Muzzafargarh (city in Pakistan) in 1968. Soon after his birth, his parents shifted to Karachi, where he spend his early childhood. According to one of his personal interview he was not deeply religious in his early life, but later, after completing his schooling when he was enrolled in Engineering college for Chemical Engineering, he started himself devoting to strict Islamic life. Mufti Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi was one of the teacher of Qadri who bestowed him Ijazah in Fatwa writing.

Life-Changing event

The local Imam of his nearby mosque had played an important role in changing his life to a more devout Muslim. Various Ijtemas and his good friends further strengthen him to move on Islamic path. After completion of his engineering, he completely dedicated himself to learn Islamic sciences. He spend seven years in Lahore at Jamia Nizamia Rizvia after completing his engineering graduation to complete his Islamic studies. Later, he founded Al Furqan scholars academy in Karachi.


He has authored many books, including Hamaare Masail Or Unka Hal, Shaitani chakkar, Sarkaar Ke Qaflay, Kya Aap Ko Maaloom Hain, Al Nahv al Kabeer, Batini Gunah or unka Ilaj, etc.

Al Furqan Scholars Academy

Al Furqan Scholars academy is a Madrasa founded by Mufti Akmal in 2006 with an aim to impart knowledge of Quran and Sunnah to the community. Institute offers 5 years (Dars e Nizami) and 1 year Mufti course along with other short courses relevant to Aqidah, Translation, trade, law, etc. He claims that he was the first Islamic teacher in Pakistan who reduced the duration of Darse Nizami course to 5 years in his Madarsa. Many of his students have now become the distinguished Islamic scholars of Pakistan after specializing in various Islamic sciences who are continuing this noble legacy of Islamic teachings.


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