Islam Chat

Islam Chat is one of the drive of Qadri Shattari's online program. It deals with solving questions of the communities concerned to Islam through live conversation (depending on the availability of the experts, otherwise through Email)  included under other free of cost Services. 

Live counselling

Friends as we realize that many people are experiencing certain types of emotional and spiritual problems in today’s hectic lifestyle, a better choice is to seek advice from an Expert to improve our soul, peace of mind and fitness of body, so friends Qadri Shattari online platform is supporting you in your complications, whether it may be spiritual, mental or physical. So friends we will help you by free counselling through Live chat (If avaible), just click the green chat icon at the bottom of the page with your name and email so we may assist you with your problems. 

Islam Chat

The free services include live counselling, Istikhara, Tawizat, Sufi encyclopedia and health advice.


Friends in today’s life after receiving any troubles we become depressed. The finest approach to deal with the trouble is through Allah’s advice by the powers of Istikhara, either by offering Salat e Istikhara or just by requesting us to do it for you. Yes friends with live Islam chat we do perform Istikhara as per user's request, just you have to drop your name and mother’s name by clicking the live chat icon as discussed above. With Istikhara you may diagnose the problem which you are dealing with in your life. The correct diagnosis of the problem will lead you to the correct treatment, so friends with Istikhara you will know which problem are you facing? Is it a health issue or the spiritual problem associated with Jinn, Black magic, or an evil’s eye?. So click the chat icon to drop your name, email address, mother’s name with your date of birth. We will reach you through email within 3-4 working days.

Tawizat (spiritual healer)

Friends, after a diagnosis of the spiritual or health issues through Istikhara, you need a perfect Tawiz for the cure of your problem. You need have to worry it, after the Istikhara, we will dispatch the free Tawizat for your problems online via email. 

What is Tawiz?

Friends you might curious to know Tawiz, Tawiz is the printed verses of Quran given to the patients for the cure of their problems. Yes, friends obviously it is permissible in Islam, if it is prepared under the rules of Islam.

Sufi encyclopedia

Sufi encyclopedia is one of the initiative of Qadri Shattari's online platform. It is an under progress mission and we welcome all your comments and suggestions to improve it as a perfect encyclopedia and a world's largest online source on Sufism.

Aims and objectives of Sufipedia.

It aims to offer valuable and accurate information of numerous Sufi saints and Sufi Shaykh around the earth. We dedicate us to uncover the Sufi Shaykh and Sufi saints across the earth. Most remarkable, we do not consider for a notability while making an article like nonsense Wikipedia, we just look for a single drop of Tasawwuf. All are welcome to send their article through Email and Live chat, Even the non-notable personality Serving the divinity of Sufism will get place in this website, so friends we are waiting for your articles. 

Terms and conditions

Although friends it is a free platform, but we dedicate us to accept the articles only related to Sufism. The most important conditions is that the person whom you are mentioning must be a Sufi Muslim, strong believer of the belief that prophet peace be upon him is Hazir o Nazir (He can roam with his blood, flesh and soul in a whole world even now, or on the call of his Ummah).