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Aims and Objectives of Qadri Shattari online platform

We are  Qadri Shattari ready to help with your Islamic queries, please feel free to chat with us . Please visit our  platform for any Islamic queries kindly click the chat icon on the bottom of the Homepage.

Qadri Shattari is a  Sufi platform  developed to assist the struggling  Muslim Community with the odds, 

It aims to bring happiness in the life of adherent of humanity with our free services including Tawaizat, istikhara, Ruqya ash Sharaiyah and free surah Baqarah recitation.

Today the community is facing difficulty due to various Ruhani ailments, such as evil's eye, black magic etc, Qadri Shattari is offering a free helping hand to the community.

May Allah bestow his mercy on this platform aameen